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Transform Your Next Dinner Party with a Private Party Musician

Musicians shouldn't just be reserved for special occasions like weddings, wakes, and birthdays. Live music can also be for your next dinner party! Why stop at delicious food when organizing a dinner party for your nearest and dearest? Nowadays, it's common for hosts to provide entertainment for their guests in order to leave a memorable impression and offer them something to remember for a very long time!

There are several justifications for selecting a private party musician for your event. Perhaps you want your guests to have more engaging entertainment or something unique to keep as a memento of your dinner party. Perhaps you want to maintain the intimate atmosphere of the event by hiring an expert musician to play for a small group of guests, such as a solo violinist.

Whatever your reason, it's pretty much established that a solo or group musician can add to the intimacy or grandeur of your dinner party and make it seem remarkable.

More Engaging

If you're organizing a dinner party, you want to play music that is unique. Many people opt to create music on a playlist or DJ music playing in the background. However, if you hire a private party musician, like an Innocenti String musician, the attendees will be more engaged and have more fun.

One of your finest weapons for establishing a calm atmosphere is dinner music, which will make your visitors feel appreciated and at home in a classy setting. Great music is essential to any dinner party you want to host. Each song, performed live by a fantastic musician, will be accompanied by a wonderful memory of the occasion. Also, taking in a live performance will revive your dinner party’s vitality in both the space and the talks among guests.

Variety of Genres/Knowledge

Making your guests listen to different compilations of their favorite songs would be easier if you hire a talented musician for your dinner party. Your event will have the ideal balance since a private party musician is highly knowledgeable about different genres.

When your guests are eating dinner, the musician could slow down the speed of the songs being sung to provide time for conversation. After dinner is finished, he will speed things up to raise everyone's energy and attitude.

String Quartets

This live music entertainment option will add a calming and enchanted atmosphere to your dinner party because each instrument in this quartet is exquisite. Along with some of the most complex and exquisite classical works, these players may perform covers of the songs you choose from the pop music genre.

A string quartet is a distinctive live music choice since the instruments in it mix many lovely harmonies. String quartets frequently lack vocals since the instruments alone convey pleasure is so great.


Soft classical instrumental music is usually a nice option, but before choosing live music, there are a few things to consider. Make sure your location has room for four players, as quartets require a little more space to perform than single performers. The space should be large enough to accommodate the visitors and the musicians, who should be situated apart from the guests to avoid the music from drowning out discussion. Your guests should be able to converse without raising their voices above the music and gently savor the flavors of everything that has been painstakingly prepared.


In terms of going rates, each musician or group has its own, which might differ significantly from one type to another. The fee charged by a musician might vary based on the instrument utilized, expertise, and experience. Due to their training and the need to transport their priceless instruments to the location, different types of musicians may charge more. Hiring a solo musician may be less expensive than hiring a string quartet. The time of the event and the length of time you anticipate the musicians will perform, including setup, will also have an impact on the cost of hiring one. The longer the musician must perform, the more expensive it is.

Hire Innocenti Strings

The ideal occasion to display your great taste and have live music performed by a soloist or small group is a dinner party.

If you need live music, look no farther than Innocenti Strings. We can provide a lovely, musical performance while leaving your guests the flexibility to converse and mingle. A string quartet typically consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello. Combined string instruments produce a lovely sound that will make your dinner party more elegant and refined. Additionally, you can select among contemporary instrumental renditions of well-known songs from artists like Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift, or Ariana Grande.

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