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Jazz Music For Weddings

In the world of events and celebrations, music holds the power to transform atmospheres and create unforgettable moments. Imagine the refined elegance of a classical string quartet seamlessly blending with the smooth and soulful sounds of a jazz quartet or trio. At Innocenti Strings, we are thrilled to announce our new offering that brings the best of both worlds to your special occasions - the marriage of sophistication and rhythm that is our Jazz Quartet/Trio offering.

jazz music

Prelude and Ceremony Elegance

The string quartet, with its timeless and romantic melodies, creates a dreamy atmosphere for the prelude and ceremony. As you walk down the aisle, the harmonious strings provide the perfect backdrop, setting a classic and sophisticated tone for the beginning of your journey together.

Jazzing Up the Cocktail Hour

As the ceremony concludes, it's time to transition seamlessly to the celebration that awaits. Imagine the shift from classical elegance to a jazz ensemble's laid-back and groovy ambiance. A saxophone, piano, bass, and percussion work in harmony to create an atmosphere that's sophisticated and undeniably beautiful.

cocktail hour


The jazz ensemble continues to weave its magic during the dinner, providing a musical tapestry that enhances the dining experience. The expressive notes of the saxophone, the rhythmic pulse of the percussion, and the smooth melodies of the piano come together to create a soundtrack that is both refined and enjoyable.

The Perfect Pairing

Combining a string quartet for the ceremony and a jazz ensemble for the cocktail hour and dinner is the perfect pairing of classic and contemporary. It's a musical journey that mirrors the different facets of your celebration – from the solemnity of vows to the joyous celebration with family and friends.

Jazz for wedding

Tailoring the Experience

At Innocenti Strings, we understand that each love story is unique. Our customizable options allow you to curate the musical experience that best suits your vision for the day. Whether you prefer a trio or quartet for the jazz ensemble, we tailor the ambiance to match your style.

Elevate your special day with a musical experience that blends the best of both worlds. Let the strings set the stage for your ceremony, and then let the jazz ensemble take over, adding a touch of class and a groove that your guests will remember long after the celebration ends. Contact us to discover how we can make your wedding day a harmonious and unforgettable affair.

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