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Planning Your Wedding Music

(if applicable)


Do you want the quartet manager to select ALL of the prelude music?

Image by Getúlio Moraes

(Add N/A if the selection does not apply)

Image by Jakob Owens

(For example, presentation of roses, communion, etc.)

(The song they would walk out to when they're announced as a couple)


(If applicable, see your contract)


Choosing a few pieces of music is helpful to let us know the type of atmosphere you desire. Some of our clients request a mostly classical repertoire while others request a mix including classical, show tunes, popular music, waltzes, etc.

We do NOT recommend that you choose the entire program for your cocktail hour or reception.

Our musicians are skilled in discerning what your guests enjoy and will tailor the program once you give us an idea of the mood you wish to create.

Check with your event contractor about pricing for special arrangements.

Planning the music for your wedding ceremony or reception need not be stressful.  At the request of our clients, we have assembled a guide addressing the time frame of a typical wedding ceremony.

Please fill out this form at least one month prior to the event. 

To further assist you in the process, you may want to consult our audio page to preview songs.

Date of Event:

Prelude Start Time:

Ceremony Start Time:

Cocktail Start Time:

Some instruments, particularly string instruments, are extremely valuable and are susceptible to damage when exposed to certain climatic variations such as rain, direct sunlight and temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the musicians must be provided with shelter from rain and direct sunlight. There must be no precipitation, and the temperature must be at least 60 degrees.


Musicians play as guests arrive and are seated (usually 20-30 minutes prior to the ceremony).

We can create a certain atmosphere from just a few requests. For example, you may want the atmosphere to be upbeat and festive, or more romantic and reflective. 

You can choose 6 selections or have us choose for you.

(Ex. classical, upbeat, reflective, etc.)

1. Entrance of the Mothers


Once this begins, all of the processions directly follow one after the other. At this point we will need a reliable signal in order to start this first chosen piece of music. This can be given by the event planner at the church, synagogue, function venue, from a groomsman, etc.

2. Entrance of the Wedding Party 



3. Entrance of the Bride 


For a smooth entrance it is very important that the bride wait to hear this selection before starting to walk down the aisle.

It can be the same as previous selections.


Often the recessional music is the last piece of the wedding; however, if this is not long enough for your guests, we can play 1-2 postlude selections in addition.


Please write your postlude selections here.

Image by Vince Fleming

For a one hour cocktail, we play 10-12 pieces of music.


Specify selections you do or do not want played:

In most cases, we require the parking to be provided for us by the client (see your contract). Please provide any details to help in this process. 

Your Remaining Balance due the day of the event as it appears on your contract:

If you want any music selection that is not apart of the current Innocenti Strings Audio Page, please list them here.

Please make sure that all required text boxes are filled in.

Your content has been submitted







To avoid disturbing the festivities, we ask to have the payment ready when the musicians arrive.

Should you tip? Although not required, tipping the musicians is a common practice.  If you really liked the music and our overall service, a little extra will be greatly appreciated. For those of you who end up broke after the wedding, a nice online review will do it too ;) 

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