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Music for Mother's Day

Have you ever tried to write a Mother's Day letter but couldn't think of anything to say? The mothers in our lives all deserve a meaningful Mother's Day letter, but expressing our gratitude isn't always simple. This is where the best Mother's Day songs come into play! When words fail, music comes to the rescue, and these songs about moms can help you convey your feelings for the most important woman in your life.

The Gift of Music

The gift of music is sometimes the best Mother's Day present. Music has such a strong influence on our emotions. It has the ability to trigger both pleasant and sad memories. Mother's Day can have a similar impact on our emotions and feelings.

An excellent song to dedicate to your mother is one that precisely expresses your feelings about your unique relationship. It might be touching, caring, or even hilarious, just like your special relationship. Music in honor of moms is both powerful and enjoyable. The link between mother and child is deep and precious for many of us.

Music for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day isn't a celebration with its own music genre like Christmas. Nonetheless, being a parent, particularly a mother, is such an intense and emotional experience that there are numerous songs about it. You could make your mom a playlist on Spotify, hire live music, or find a concert near you!

Playlist and Songs for Mothers’ Day

When it comes to songs about love, romantic love is always at the forefront, with the most heartfelt lyrics often coming from their true loves. Moms are, as usual, on the sidelines, supporting their children without asking anything in return.

That isn't to say that there aren't wonderful songs made for or devoted to mothers; it just takes a little longer to find them. But we've got you covered! Whether the mothers in your life are avid music listeners, a decent playlist or song can help make their special day even more memorable!

Music is incredibly evocative — few things can capture complicated feelings so fast — so why not look for the perfect song to describe your relationship? Every parenting experience is unique, and the best music about motherhood recognizes this while also touching on larger themes like joy and sacrifice that can resonate with any listener. There are also plenty of possibilities if you're searching for something unique to capture your mother-child bond.

Here are some songs to consider for your mom!

  • Mother And Child Reunion – Paul Simon

  • Mama Said – The Shirelles

  • Oh Mother Of Mine – The Temptations

  • Mama – Spice Girls

  • What Mama Say – Jason Mraz

  • Your Mother Should Know – The Beatles

  • Mother – Kacey Musgraves

  • The Hand That Rocks The Cradle – Glen Campbell And Steve Wariner

  • The Best Day – Taylor Swift

  • Where You Lead – Carole King

  • Mama's Song by – Carrie Underwood

  • You Can't Lose Me – Faith Hill

  • Mom – Meghan Trainor, ft. Kelli Trainor

  • Mama Tried – Merle Haggard

  • Superwoman – Alicia Keys

  • I’ll Always Love My Mama – The Intruders

  • A Mother’s Love – Aretha Franklin

  • Oh Mother of Mine – The Temptations

  • You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

  • Slipping Through My Fingers – ABBA

  • Lullaby – The Chicks

Live Music

Maybe your mom loves live music, whether it be at a concert or restaurant. Check out if there are any local concerts or events with live music in your area. A lot of restaurants tend to hire live music on Mother’s Day, so reach out to some of your mom’s favorite places to eat! Robust live music!? What can get any better than that, spoil your mom!

Go Beyond

Want to really show how much your mom means to you? Consider hiring a string quartet (like us!). Fill the room with love and music as you share past memories and make new ones together. Just like a cover band, string quartets can play all your favorites, but with an elegant, instrumental twist.

Work with Innocenti Strings

Our extensive music library includes hundreds of songs, including chart-topping hits, beloved movie, and TV show themes, classical melodies, and so much more. If you have a special request, let us know and we’d be happy to create an arrangement and learn it—all you have to do is ask!

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