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Local Musicians Performing in Chicago

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Chicago is always busy with so many different concerts or events happening around the city! Throughout the world, Chicago's music scene is admired by so many people!

There's nothing like live music, and Chicago has plenty of amazing venues to witness outstanding musicians perform. In this city, you may choose between an intimate little dive with a solitary local performer or a complete jazz band.

We're looking forward to big headline sets this season, but we're also excited about some of the city's local musicians that will be playing events! Keep an eye out for these local musicians as you plan your concert schedule for the coming months!

Anna Gillian

Also knows as Galway Gals, Liz Berg McNichols and Anna Gillan have a huge repertoire of pop, rock, alternative and country hits!

Upcoming Events:

11/26 & 11/27 - Rockford Choral Union's production of Handel's Messiah; Rockford, IL

Lucas Gillian

Lucas Gillan’s Many Blessings, a Chicago-based jazz quartet, finds comfort in the space between these opposites. Gillan, the drummer and bandleader, composes music that hooks listeners with insistent grooves and memorable melodies even while subverting expectations with outré harmonies and freewheeling improvisations.

Pascal Innocenti

Pascal Innocenti is a violinist and founder of the Innocenti Strings. Pascal is originally from Monaco (Monte Carlo), but now resides in Chicago, IL with his family. He won first prize at the Conservatoire de Reuil Paris and a Master of Music in Violin Performance at the University of Cincinnati (CCM).

Upcoming Events:

November 13, 2022 – January 8, 2023 - The Steadfast Tin Soldier; Water Tower Water Works

821 N Michigan Ave

Jeff Yang

Jeff Yang is the creator and Artistic Director of In The Realm of Senses. He is a violinist born in Taiwan and originally from Seattle who came to Chicago to study music at Northwestern University. Currently, Yang is the owner of the Chicago Strings violin shop in Evanston where he deals with fine instruments and helps professional musicians through his expertise. He is an active member of Chicago Philharmonic.

Check out In the Realm of Senses which involves a variety of musicians and audiences in musical performances that excite the senses and stimulate the imagination!

Lakeshore Rush

A group of outstanding musicians from Chicago known as Lakeshore Rush thrill audiences of all ages with captivating renditions of timeless classics, modern standards, and undiscovered masterpieces. They are known for their innovative programming, effective teamwork, and personal stage presence.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, January 29 at 2pm: St. Charles Public Library; St. Charles, Illinois

Chicago has a long history of drawing top talent, and we cultivate some of the greatest right here. We're famed for our jazz and blues, but that's far from all the city has to offer. We have a world-class orchestra, incredible enormous theaters, and incredible tiny clubs! Locals have favorite spots, but there is always something new to try! We have so many talented musicians in the city, so make sure to check these ones out!

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