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How Much Does Hiring A String Quartet Cost for a Wedding?

Updated: Feb 9

People anticipate a wedding to be especially remarkable. This implies that everything related to weddings must be unique and exceptional. This covers the theme, the setting, the attire, the cuisine, and even the music. If you want the music at your wedding to be genuinely unique and something guests will remember for years to come, you should think about hiring a string quartet.

So perhaps for your ceremony or perhaps even your cocktail hour, you want to hire musicians. But how much does a quartet for a wedding run? The cost of a string quartet depends on a number of factors, most notably location, hence there is no precise answer. In addition, you have the choice of various options besides full string quartets, such as the Trio, Duo, and Solo, each of which has a different price.

The price of string quartets typically varies from state to state. However, prices in the US range from $400 to $2,000 on average.

What is a String Quartet?

Here's what you need to know before we move on to the exciting stuff. A quartet is formally made up of four musicians who perform together, whereas a trio is made up of three, a duo of two, and a soloist is, as you might have guessed, only one musician. If it's a string quartet, a bridal quartet often consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello.

The following are some elements that influence string quartet pricing:

Average String Quartet Pricing Based on Location

The location of your wedding can have a significant impact on the cost of the celebration. For instance, in Los Angeles, the ceremony and cocktail hour could cost up to $3,800 for a skilled string quartet. However, you could spend only $600 on a string quartet for a wedding in Columbus, OH.

Other Location Average String Quartet Prices:

Salt Lake City: $1,000

Nashville: $1,000

Boston: $1,500

Dallas: $900

Houston: $800

Tampa: $1,750

San Diego: $1,250

String Quartet Pricing Based on Experience

The string quartets will probably charge you extra if they have more experience. These impressions are occasionally unfounded, therefore lower-paid employees are still capable of providing you with a wonderful experience.

Knowledgeable and seasoned quartets frequently put up outstanding performances. This indicates that they are constantly in demand, and as a result, their price is much greater. Experienced string quartets aim to maintain a fair price point while yet remaining competitive. You get what you pay for.

How Distance Impacts the String Quartet Price

The cost of your string quartets is also based on how far away the location is. If the venue is far from where they are located, they may charge you their transportation cost. Most groups will only charge extra for travel outside of a specified radius from their location (often 15-20 miles).

Quartets typically demand a certain price. However, they modify this price in accordance with the equipment required to offer outstanding performance and the travel costs. In order for your string quartets to provide you with an accurate price quote, it would be ideal if you let them know where you are.

When the destination is fewer than 25 miles from the listed city's center, Innocenti Strings' travel is free. A travel fee of $1 per mile for each musician is charged for distances greater than 25 miles, thus a musician traveling 60 miles will be charged $60.

Set Rate vs. Hourly Rate for Quartet

For your event, a string quartet might charge you a set rate, but that will depend on the venue, the length of the performance, and the number of quartets. Similar to how some quartets may bill you hourly, you can consider limiting the hours you book them. This means that quartets can charge you a set rate or an hourly rate.

Special Requests for the Musicians

Working with a string quartet can help you design a creative playlist that gives your reception and wedding a special, individual touch. String quartets typically create a song selection that is ready for performance. Because it will take time for them to practice and master new content, clients who make unique requests that don't seem to be on the playlist could need to pay an extra cost. Many quartets won't charge you more for a specific request, too.

Overtime Rates for a String Quartet

If the performance lasts longer than expected, you'll probably be charged $20, the standard booking amount, after every 15 minutes with a 5-minute grace period. To prevent getting penalized for overtime performance, make sure your budget is sound and that you make the right reservations.

A wedding string quartet is what I want to hire. Where do I begin?

For our clients, Innocenti Strings has simplified this process:

  1. Reserve your date!

You will be requested to peruse and electronically sign a contract after getting in touch with our representative and providing the specifics of your event. There is a link to pay your deposit to reserve your date within the contract. You can accomplish this without having a PayPal account. The balance, which is due at least two weeks before your event, will be reduced by the deposit.

  1. Select your music!

You will receive an email confirmation after we have received your signed contract and deposit. Additionally, there will be instructions in that email for the next procedure stage, which is choosing your song! Once you've decided which music you want to use during the different stages of the ceremony, you will be required to complete a form (the "Music Worksheet") and send it to us. This form gives the musicians and us all the information we'll need for your special day, including time, order, cues, significant notes, etc. After you complete this form, we'll check it through to make sure we have all the essential details, and then we'll confirm the information with you.

  1. Meet your Music Coordinator!

Your local music coordinator will get in touch with you as the event day approaches to introduce themselves and finalize any last-minute details. Your primary point of contact in the weeks preceding the event will be the music coordinator, also referred to as the "String Leader."

Contact us today to get started! You can expect a response to the contact sheet within 24 hours and a direct line of communication with the national music coordinator by doing so. A free consultation and custom quote would follow. Give us a call at 815-238-7735, and we'll respond right away!

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