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6 Tips for Hiring Musicians for Fundraising Galas

It takes a lot of work to organize fundraising galas. If you want to promote your nonprofit or organization and collect money for it, you need to make sure the event is high-class, well-planned, and produced.

You might assume the task is finished once you've chosen your theme, organized the guest list, and hired the venue, but hold on! Is there any music?

It pays to take the time to choose the perfect music for your event, which is arguably one of its most crucial components. But how do you go about hiring musicians for your fundraising event? Read more for some tips and benefits!

So What is a Fundraising Gala?

A fundraising gala is a sizable formal or semi-formal gathering that features a cocktail hour, a sit-down meal, and a dance.

Between dinner and dance, there will often be some kind of presentation, speech, award ceremony, or announcement. A gala dinner frequently raises money for an organization, and the host may hold a raffle to award prizes. The host is responsible for establishing the mood for each segment of the evening through décor, music, and atmosphere.

Tips for Hiring Musicians for Fundraising Galas

Tip 1: Drinks Upon Arrival Reception

What's the first thing you want guests to notice when they enter the reception space? Whether you're hosting the event at your home or a place that you've leased, style and setting are crucial. Having a small ensemble play right away is the greatest approach to creating the mood.

Tip 2: Consider the Tone

Keep in mind that the evening's first event, the cocktail reception, is somewhat informal. Your visitors will want to shake hands, speak, mix, and even make some crucial connections! Consider that tone while selecting musicians for the job.

Tip 3: Topic of Your Fundraising Gala

The topic of your gala is a further factor to take into account. Does your topic allude to a certain musical style or genre, perhaps one from a certain era? Select a performer or group whose body of work can enhance the event and complement your theme.

Tip 4: Amount of People

The number of visitors will also be important. Although it is not always the case, the cocktail reception will often take place in a location apart from the actual meal. In a tiny foyer, an acoustic soloist would work nicely; nevertheless, a huge, busy space could call for something more overpowering.

The drinks reception is a fantastic opportunity for your visitors to socialize, unwind, and possibly conduct some networking. There are numerous styles and musical directions you may go in, depending on the topic of your gala.

Tip 5: Dinner and Performance

You should expect that the majority of the evening's activities will revolve on socializing after supper. Your visitors will want to converse, eat, and unwind. Select music that won't interfere with your desire to interact with others.

Tip 6: Size of the Area

Additionally, you should consider the size of the area. A quieter performance may be required for an intimate meal, whereas a vast hall may require more sound to fill the space.

Other Information to Consider!

Make Your Fundraiser Fun!

Fundraisers are a fantastic way to gather people together to celebrate in style and raise money for the cause of your choice. The only metric used to assess a fundraising event is the money it brings in. While corporate events can get away with simply bringing people together, fundraising events must constantly motivate attendees to act. The fun occasions that encourage people to donate are made possible by musicians and live performances.

Perfect Setting

Live music encourages individuals to give money. The perfect entertainment can create a setting that reinforces your message, matches the concept of your event, and inspires everyone to participate and contribute money. Constant messaging throughout the event is much more effective than a single donation request at the beginning.

Live music enhances the ambiance at charity events because it’s unusual and different! Live entertainment is a must-see experience, as opposed to music that is piped in from an iPhone on a Bluetooth speaker.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fundraising events are held as nonprofit organizations compete for the public's attention. Due to the intense competition, you can stand out from the crowd by engaging in entertainment. You can plan a special performance of live music, like a string quartet!

Picking Musicians

It's important to find a balance that allows visitors time to converse and bond. One of the most difficult parts of arranging your fundraising gala is picking the appropriate musicians and performers for each part of the event.

The ultimate aim of your fundraising gala should be to establish a welcoming, elegant environment where attendees intuitively know what to do.

Create Excitement

A standard fundraising gala is elevated to a must-attend occasion by live entertainment. Visitors will anticipate the event and talk about it with their friends and family, which functions as a form of word-of-mouth promotion. If your visitors enjoyed the live entertainment, they will also talk about the event long after it has ended, which could increase donations to your cause over the long term.

Need Assistance?

Innocenti Strings may perform at any charity or fundraising event and provide lovely music. We create the perfect background music when your attendees or delegates arrive for your fundraising event! Contact us today!

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