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Innocenti Strings Code of Conduct for all Musicians

Dress Code

Unless otherwise specified by the music coordinator the dress code will be as follows.

-Men: Black Dress shoes, black socks, black pants, white dress shirt, black jacket, and black bow tie.

-Women: Black dress or skirt, mid-calf to full length OR Black formal evening pants, full length, in keeping with white-tie formality, black top with three-quarter or full length sleeves, black dress shoes, plain black or natural stockings.

If, for your personal comfort, you are outside and wish to wear a piece of clothing to keep you warm it must be appropriate with the setting.  For example, the jacket or shawl must be black and of high quality- no parkas, ski jackets, or off-color sweaters are allowed.

It is crucial that all IS (Innocenti Strings) musicians look professional at all times.

Cell Phone

At no time after arriving at the performance until the musician has left the venue shall a cell phone or pager be used.  Cell phones should be turned off during the entirety of the performance.

No Alcohol/Tobacco

At no time before, during, or after the performance (while at the performance venue) shall the musician consume alcohol even if it is offered by the client.  

At no time upon arriving at the performance venue (including breaks) shall any musician with the IS use tobacco products.  Smoking is not allowed during the contracted time.

Bring Your Stand

Bring a stand to every performance.  If the performance is outside, it is the responsibility of the musician to bring the appropriate devices with which to secure the music.

Keep Performance Area Clean

It is the responsibility of the musician to keep the area around the group presentable and professional.  Please stack all music not in use neatly and as out of sight as possible. Please keep all cases and apparel as out of sight as possible.

Choice of Music

All questions about the music and the timing of the performance during the ceremony should be directed to the music coordinator.  You agree that the music coordinator, at all times, has the sole discretion as to what music is performed and when it is performed.

Although suggestions are appreciated for background music, you as the musician give the music coordinator the right to choose the music.  Please avoid any arguments of lengthy discussions as to what compositions should be performed. All discussions are to take place as quickly and discreetly as possible.


At all times during the ceremony it is understood that there will be some variance as to the length of each musical selection.  It is your responsibility to watch the music coordinator for any cues that may be given.  It is your responsibility to end a musical selection during a ceremony in a professional manner (e.g. a cadence or a slow fade-out).

Arrive Early

For any performance it is your responsibility to arrange for transportation that will have you arrive at the performance venue

No later than 20 minutes before the start of the contracted time.


Communicate with the music coordinator before the date of the performance for exact directions.

I                                          , understand and agree to follow the "all musicians code of conduct" for any events contracted by the Innocenti strings.

If you would like to represent Innocenti Strings in future gigs, please send a bio and professional headshot and

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