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Birthday Parties!


String Musicians for Birthday Parties

Give Live Music as a Birthday Gift

Your best friend has no idea what’s coming. As he blows out the candles, in saunters a well-dressed man playing 50 Cent’s In Da Club on the violin. Not bad, huh? The skilled string musicians of Innocenti Strings do performances like this all the time, turning modest birthday get-togethers into unusual celebrations.

Live String Music to Celebrate Your Year

Birthday parties can be very different. Many enjoy dinner with family, but others might invite
dozens of people. Our experienced string musicians can make all sorts of venues work,
providing ambiance as well as genuine performances.

Flexible Ensemble Options
In our experience, birthdays vary the most in attendance. Though we send string quartets most often, our musicians also perform as soloists, duos, and trios.

More than “Happy Birthday!”
As you can imagine, playing “Happy Birthday!” is often far from our only request, but it’s
certainly a start. We play everything from R& B to hard rock!

Suitable for Any Birthday

Whichever mood you’re going for, we can help. Our soloists can create background ambiance,
and our quartets can wow crowds with popular covers.

Logistical Ease

Even if you’d like to hear a song that’s not in our catalog, we’ll do our best to accommodate
your custom list, handling all equipment and setup.

Party Time!

Beautiful String Music for a Loved One’s Birthday

With so many years of experience as professional musicians, our soloists, and quartets are the perfect accompaniment to any great birthday party. If you’re tired of the same annual tradition, and you’d like to spice things up with violin covers of your favorite tunes, let us help you make a memorable birthday.

Sample an Amazing Selection of Songs

From R&B and Hip Hop to Hard Rock and Metal, our musicians have practiced beautiful,
modern string renditions of all sorts of songs. If you’d like to browse among the songs we play
best, check out some of our suggestions below. And if you don’t see it, we might still be able
to play it, so don’t hold back with custom requests.

Enjoy Your Unusually Musical Birthday

The skilled string musicians of Innocenti Strings have brought plenty of surprises to birthday parties across the nation. If you’re ready for a new birthday tradition, please call us or fill the form below to get started.

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