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How to Choose Processional Music for a Wedding

Out of all of the music played on your special day, what you choose for your processional is the

most important! Not only will your choice of processional set the tone for the ceremony, this is

the music that your guests will hear and remember the most. We want to help make your

processional the most grand of entrances.

Here are some things to consider when choosing processional music for a wedding:

How many processional songs do I choose? Think of how many people in total will be walking down the aisle. Do you want to have a song for each group, or one song for the entire bridal party? Choosing a separate song for each group makes for a more personalized ceremony. It is common to have one song for the entrance of the parents, another for the bridal party, and an extra special selection for the entrance of the bride.

Size of the venue: The length that you will have to walk down the aisle will have a significant

impact on your song selection(s). If it is a long walk, make sure you select a song that will be

long enough to accommodate the length of the walk and amount of people in the bridal party.

Sometimes, a song will have to be repeated; make sure the song you choose you wouldn’t mind

hearing a few times in a row. If it’s a shorter walk, make sure you pinpoint what part of the

song you want heard the most (a certain verse, chorus, etc.). While Canon in D is a popular,

classical selection for ceremonies, I discourage using it for a processional if it’s a short walk. Due to the repetitive nature of a musical canon, it’s most enjoyed when you can hear this selection in its entirety.

Music you can walk to! Make sure the song you select isn’t too fast or too slow; it’s as easy as

that! It’s our natural tendency to walk to the beat of the music we hear, and you certainly don’t

want everyone running down the aisle, or walking at a snail’s pace.

Choose something meaningful. Don’t go with a specific song just because “everyone is using

it.” The processional is the most meaningful song selection of the day; make it personal! Don’t

know where to start? Take a trip down memory lane – music brings us back to our most

treasured memories. Use this as a moment to share those memories with your guests. Was

there a song playing when you and your partner first met? Or when you got engaged? We

encourage our clients to get creative with their processional choices; and if it’s not already in

our song list, we can make it happen.

Some of our favorites:

Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós: The first time I heard this song was when it was requested for a bridal

party processional, and it’s now one of my favorite selections to play for weddings! Not only

does it have a beautiful melody that creates the perfect vibe for a ceremony, the song is written

in such a flexible nature that it can be easily modified to fit the size of any bridal party.

Your Song by Elton John: Whether you are having a soloist or a quartet for your ceremony, Your

Song works well in almost any format. It’s incredibly well written that if you need to use just a

short excerpt, you’re still getting a luscious and full melody.

Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve: If you’re using a string quartet for your ceremony, I can’t

recommend this song enough. It shows off each instrument so beautifully and fills any type of

venue with a great sound. These demo of these songs can be heard from Innocenti Strings's audio page.

Contact Innocenti Strings for Processional Music Help

Whether you have a specific musical vision in mind, or don’t know where to start, let’s chat!

Your musical choices will create lasting memories, and we would be honored to have our

musicians make your ideas come to life. Contact us to see how we can contribute to your

special day through music.


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