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String Musicians for Hire for Any Event

Enrich Your Gathering with the Elegance of Live String Music

Our professional string musicians bring an ambiance of sophistication and joy to every event
performance. We specialize in music for weddings, corporate events, and memorial services.
However, no occasion is too large or small for us. Whether you want a private concert at your
home or a national anthem performance at a sporting event, we have the world-class talent

to give you an unforgettable show.

Customize Your Event's String Music

Choosing the right music for your event is a personal decision. At Innocenti Strings, we
respect your vision and work with you to shape a unique musical experience. Here’s what you
can expect:

Adaptable Ensemble Options

Whether you need a solo violinist for a small dinner party or a string quartet for a massive banquet, we have the ensemble to match your event size.

Custom-Tailored Setlist

We play everything from timeless classics to contemporary hits. Our team will work with you to create a setlist that aligns with your taste and theme.

The Perfect Event Soundtrack
Our flexible musicians will adjust the tempo and volume of their performance to match the flow of your event, ensuring the right ambiance at all times.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Music

We make arranging the music for your gathering exceptionally easy. Our pros handle all equipment setup and preparation, so you can relax and have fun!

Lunch Party

The Highest Quality String Musicians to Hire for Parties

Innocenti Strings guarantees top-tier musicianship for every performance. All our musicians are professionals, each with an advanced degree and multiple years of experience. We don’t only play music. We also craft a unique, personalized experience—one that resonates with the audience and leaves a lasting impression. An Innocenti Strings performance is organic, seamless, vibrant, and brimming with the unmatched beauty of modern string music.

Sample Songs from Our World-Class String Musicians

Curious about what we can bring to your event? Explore a sampling from our extensive song catalog below:

Image by Nicole Herrero

Hire Our Musicians for Your Next Party

Want to transform your event with the elegance and energy of live-string music? Innocenti
Strings' professional string quartets for hire near you are ready to bring your vision to life. Call
us today at 815-238-7735 or fill out the contact form below to start planning your unique
musical experience.

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