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Music Coordinator

Information Page

In this page you will find the procedure to follow as a music coordinator of Innocenti Strings.

Step 1

Copy and send the email below to the main contact of the event you will coordinate. You can find this information on the "Music Worksheet" Innocenti Strings sent you via email. 

​Here is the email to send to the client as soon as you receive the worksheet:

Hello <first name of the client>,

My name is <______>, I am the Leader of the Innocenti Strings and I'll be coordinating the music for your event on <date of the event>. I have received your music selections and everything is in order. 

All we require are <number of chairs you need> armless chairs at the site. Please make the remaining balance <$___> payable to me. We will wear formal black unless you request otherwise. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time at <add your phone number>

I look forward to meeting you,


<your name>

Step 2

  • Get your group

  • Organize carpooling 

  • Complete the form at the bottom of this page. 

Step 3

Organize your music. If you need any pdfs. please contact us ahead of time and we will email them to you

Innocenti Strings 

Code of Conduct for Music Coordinators

Contacting Client

Upon receiving the "Music Worksheet" document from Innocenti Strings It is your responsibility to contact the client to introduce yourself. you can either use the copy/paste email above or edit it to suits the client's need.  If there are special requests outside of the normal wedding repertoire listed on our website please contact Innocenti Strings ahead of time so we can send you the sheet music.

Confirm details

After receiving all of the musical requests for the wedding, contact the client to confirm the timing of all music selections within the ceremony. 

This includes all cues for processional, different parts of the service, and recessional.

Finding Musicians

Arrange for the required number of musicians for each performance.  The IS reserves the right to request specific musicians for the contracted date.  If this is the case you will be given at least two weeks’ notice of the request for a specific performer.

Organize Travel Arrangements  

Organize the travel arrangements for all the musicians for each performance. This includes finding appropriate driving directions, taking into account traffic and weather conditions, and any other delays that may happen.


Arrive at the performance venue

No later than 20 minutes before the start of the contracted time.


If, for some reason, a musician is unable to perform on the specified date and time,  You are responsible for finding a replacement musician of equal or greater quality.

Upon Arrival

Contact a member of the wedding party, wedding coordinator, minister/pastor immediately upon arriving at the performance venue to confirm the cues for the ceremony.

(Example: make sure that the bride understands that he/she must hear the processional music before she starts walking down the aisle).

Performance Leading

You are  responsible for the actions of the musicians during the performance.  The musicians are to follow all musical instructions given during the performance time.​

Obligation after Performance

After the performance, you must contact a member of the wedding party (preferably the bride and/or groom) to: confirm that all performance obligations have been met.  It is important that you personally congratulate the wedding party.


At all points during contact with the hiring the music coordinator agrees to only refer to themselves as a member of the Innocenti strings. The only business cards to be given to clients are IS business cards. If for some reasons, we did not provide you with business cards, refer the client to our website. Any questions about future performances are to be referred to You can of course provide the interested party with your name so that we can make sure to give the performance/coordinating opportunity to you


In the instance of a rehearsal prior to the date of the performance it is possible that the music coordinator (and in some cases additional musicians) will be asked to attend. You will be informed of the rehearsal ahead of time. If you are asked to attend a rehearsal a fee will negotiated on your behalf by the IS. Upon attending the rehearsal you are required to be dressed in business casual attire and it is expected that you will bring your instrument and all musical selections that require cues. You will also be expected to perform the musical selections for the satisfaction of the client. Before leaving the rehearsal the music coordinator will confirm that the client is satisfied.

Music flow

Although suggestions from the musicians as to what should be performed as background music, make sure that there is never longer than a one minute time of silence between selections.​

Following Up

Within 48 hours of the end of a performance, e-mail the IS ( with a brief message confirming that the performance was satisfactory and to bring up any concerns with the performance or the satisfaction of the hiring party.​


If you wish, ask the client for separate checks. If separate checks are not available it is your responsibility to have a personal check made out to you NOT INNOCENTI STRINGS and you will distribute personal checks to the musicians.

​Last Notes

Finally, the music coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the performance- before, during, and after. If there is a complaint from the client about any aspect of the performance it is your duty to immediately notify IS and reply in a respectful and timely manner to the client.

It is understood that after the performance the hiring party will be contacted with a comment and suggestion form.​

If a client contacts you with any type of question or request 

You must return their query within 24 hours.

I                                           understand and agree to follow the music coordinator code of conduct  for any events contracted by the Innocenti 

Professional headshot and narrative bio are required (send to and

You must forward the following link to all musicians involved.

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